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Domain podania.pl is for sale!

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Offer details

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Domain name: podania.pl
Expires: 2017-07-16
Price: 8000 PLN (2081.35 USD)
The price must include 23% VAT
Transfer method: Internal domain transfer What does it mean?
Seller: domeniarstwo.pl (1015) About Me Show other domains of this user · Contact the seller
Listed in categories: Information, Single words, Translations, 30-100 monthly visits

Domain information

PageRank:   0    
Indexed pages:   0   Check »
Indexed links:   0   Check »
Alexa rank:   0   Check »
Archive.org:   2004-11-10   Check »

Domain statistics

Received purchase offers: 0

Website visits in the last 30 days: 63

Views of this offer in the last 30 days: 1

Traffic sources

88.7%    Type-in
6.5%    podania.pl
1.6%    pizza-tycoon.com
1.6%    katalog.wp.pl
1.6%    ya.ru
46.8%    CN    China
16.1%       Unknown
12.9%    US    United States
11.3%    PL    Polska
4.8%    RU    Russian Federation

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